Let Us Build Cully Park

 "It's a chance to restore essentially a mountain of trash into a community asset"


~Tony DeFalco, LUBCP coordinator~

Let Us Build Cully Park
Tribal Garden Gathering Area

The 20,000sf Tribal Garden Gathering Area's design mission is to provide the Portland Native community and Tribes whose ceded land includes the Cully Park site with a place to commune, cultivate indigenous foods and materials for cultural practices and traditions, and revitalize the associated knowledge, skills and ethics.

Design recommendations include a Medicine Wheel/Healing Garden, a multi-use gathering area for outdoor education, events, storytelling and other culturally important activities, and raised earthen mounds to define the space and block strong east winds. The Tribal Garden Gathering Area's design is being finalized.


The Let Us Build Cully Park! Tribal Gathering Garden from Verde on Vimeo.

Tribal Garden Design

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